We Love Thanksgiving: 2012

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Here’s where you’ll find our authors for the long Thanksgiving weekend!

Alex D: I can’t wait for the long weekend… other than my 7 hour drive ahead of me and my best friend. Turkey Day Thursday will be at our house. All day I will be helping my mom prep all the fixings. We have our traditional things that we make every year (my Nonna’s stuffing, my Mom’s apple pie, and my Granny’s chunky cranberry sauce), but we also find new recipes to try every year too. I will be making a cornbread stuffing with jalapenos and cilantro, and I think my mom wanted to make Tamales. Friday, I may venture out and go shopping for a new winter coat, and have lunch at Redstone complete with a signature Stoli Doli Martini. I worked at that bar when I lived in New Jersey…hopefully I still know some people working. Friday night I will meet up with some friends still living in Jersey, and may head into Philly for some drinks. Saturday, my mom and I will hang out together on  street in Philly to pick out fabric so we can reupholster my couch in January.

Maloney: Home is too far and too expensive for me to go to for Thanksgiving so I’m going to continue in my annual tradition. It’s the time of year that my roommates all leave town and I can spend time in my pajamas watching terrible movies and eating Chinese food. Every year I drive up to the Kowloon in Saugus and get enough food for the whole weekend and enjoy being completely alone. My friends have dubbed it my ‘Kowlone Time’. If I find the energy I might head out to the Burlington Mall to do some Black Friday shopping. Other than than that, I’ll be in my pajamas watching movies while eating Fried Rice, Egg Foo Young, Avocado Mango Sushi and Scallion Pies while watching movies. Any movie suggestions?

Drea: I head to Harvard tonight to help my sister prep. Due to some strange scheduling issues, tomorrow my immediate family (in from St.Louis) will share Thanksgiving at my fiancee’s house. Friday, we may hit the stores for a bit, but ti’s 2nd Thanksgiving that day with my sisters and their families. Saturday life goes back to normal, except that my parents and younger sister leave  🙁 . Sunday will obviously be reserved for recovery.

Casey: Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I get double the gobble! First I’ll earn my turkey Thursday by running out to Wellesley in the morning. I’ll try resist my annual post-turkey snooze to make it through the Pats game – not likely. Come early Friday morning, I plan to run off some of said turkey, doing Summit Hill repeats with November Project, before heading to my parents house in New York for more Thanksgiving. Hands down, my mom makes the best dressing. Yes, dressing, not “stuffing.” And this year’s Turkey Day brings with it a bonus: My 10-year high school reunion. Oh, lord. If I survive Saturday, newly-minted husband, the hound, and I will head back to Boston likely 12 pounds heavier from the weekend’s festivities. I love Thanksgiving so much that I ration the leftovers, freezing them to have throughout the year. NOM! Gobble gobble everyone!

Dave: I’m already posted up here in Phoenix, enjoying what stands to be a balmy, 80-degree Thanksgiving day. I’m up at it early tomorrow to Turkey Trot my way through 6 miles of Mesa, Arizona before settling into round two or three of turkey and the Pats evening game with the Jets. I’ll reunite on Friday with high school classmates I haven’t seen in a decade, then I’m back into town late Saturday, and after readjusting to the cold, I’ll likely be out and about on Sunday to watch Liverpool with the Boston Liverpool Supporters at Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. I’ll also be constantly refreshing various BC news sources to see if the coach-who-shall-not-be-named is the coach-who-no-longer-is-employed.

Alex L: I’ve already hit the ground running for the holiday weekend and have enjoyed an in n out burger and a day of mid-70 degree weather in California. I’ll spend the rest of the week here and enjoy two turkeys on Thanksgiving and possibly some pool time as the weather gets hotter! Sunday I’ll battle the craziest airport day of the year, hoping to at least return to Boston with a tan to brag about! Happy Thanksgiving folks!