Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 12 @ NY Jets

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The “LOLjets” Edition

Too much turkey or the late game kept you away from the TV? Don’t worry, you only missed a laugher of a battle with the Jets on Thanksgiving night. Here’s a few things worth knowing or tracking down – we call it the Patriots Cheat Sheet.

Hug a Jets fan today, if you know one. That was…hysterical. You actually don’t need to know much to get by discussions on the Pats 49-19 win over the Jets in the Meadowlands last night:

  • 52 Seconds of Joy: So, it went one play touchdown, bizarre fumble by Sanchez returned for a TD, bizarre pop-up fumble returned during the ensuing kick-off. If you blinked, you missed 21 points by the Pats. Pretty impressive.
  • Gronkless Wonder: Perhaps we didn’t get a real sense of the lack of Gronk since the Patriots really didn’t need offense to win yesterday’s tilt, but it was nice to see a fresh Hernandez out there doing his job. Whenever Gronk comes back – perhaps for the end of season, maybe not until the playoffs – it’s just more options for an offense that has found its way.

After scoring about 42 points on defense and special teams in the last few weeks, we guess we can give the Pats a a few days off. Join us a week from Monday for the Week 13 recap of a road show in Miami.