‘Terminales’ Tomorrow In Davis Square

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Diesel Cafe and The Burren will be the background for a new ABC Family show filmed tomorrow in Davis Square. ‘Terminales‘ stars Italia Ricci (whose credits include ‘Hot Woman #1’ in ‘How I Met Your Mother’) as a young professional who discovers she has a terminal illness. Since it’s gonna be on ABC Family, I’m guessing it’ll be more ‘Last Holiday’ than ‘Breaking Bad’

Ryan Cook tweeted this notice earlier today to let everyone know about the filming.

@ We're filming new ABC Family TV pilot "Terminales", beginning Wed 11/28 with Diesel Cafe & The Burren in Davis Sq.
Ryan Cook

While I’m excited that Davis Square will be filmed, I hope the Burren doesn’t get too crowded. Man, I love their Ploughman’s Lunch.