Snow Tolerance: What We Have on Our DC Friends

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A few Decembers ago, I wrote what is easily in the top three of my favorite posts of all time for We Love DC, poking the bear that is the reaction of those southern residents to the threat of flurries. As the snow approaches this morning, I’m reminded of how much of today is just business as usual, and my mind jumped back to that post. From the 2010 WLDC Archives:

Alright, residents of DC, let’s chat. It’s going to snow today. You don’t need to be a professional weatherman to see that moving blue field on the weather map means something white and fluffy is coming our way.

Among other reasons, Northerners move to Washington to make fun of the reaction of Southerners to the cold (aside: in addition to this sentiment is the steadfast belief that DC is actually part of the South). Seriously, this is what gets us through the “winter” months of December and the beginning of January.

I, in no way, shape, or form, speak for an entire region when I say this – but sack up, it’s going to be ok.

You remember last February? You cleared grocery stores out of all the essentials (and some of the extracurriculars). The fact that things were staying open was news. We’re getting a small fraction of that much snow today, so little that we won’t have to wait for a week for it to be cleaned up (which, ask any Northerner, was the problem last February, not the snow itself). This is what we call “a light dusting” (or in Syracuse, “spring showers”). It’s going to make for a lovely walk home from the office, and when it warms up close back to 40 tomorrow, it’s probably going to be mostly gone. Do me/us a favor: don’t freak out.

So, don’t let me down Boston. I totally went to bat for you on this a few years ago.