Lou Lou Boutique: Where Did You Come From?

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I live on Newbury between Exeter and Fairfield, in a building whose renovated basement has been looking for a commercial occupant for some time. Our space is directly adjacent to a space that until merely a few weeks ago was home to Newbury Visions, an eye glasses store (which also happens to be beneath what seems to be a now-defunct Upper Crust.)

Newbury Visions posted signs that they would be moving and promptly closed up shop. Look, it’s Newbury street – these things happen.

But lo and behold, last Tuesday night there seemed to be activity in the space. The next morning the sign was on the door and it was fully stocked by the time I returned home from work. It was like Santa’s workshop. Lou Lou’s Boutique officially opened on Friday, just in time for Black Friday craziness.

The boutique, now fully operational and open for business, sells accessories for the ladies. It strives to bring luxury fashion accessories to women at wallet-friendly prices. Currently, the inventory is primarily winter-focused, touting scarves, hats and gloves, along with an assortment of purses, jewelry, pashmina’s, etc. Lou Lou’s offers no shortage of gifting options if you happen to know any of the fairer sex. I’m looking forward to their warmer weather accessories; in my mind, I’m already prepping for flip-flop season.

With their impressive speed to market and wide selection of girly-baubles, it will likely be a staple for gift-buyers in Back Bay. Here’s hoping we stay neighbors for a while.