Breaking – Green Line train accident at Boyslton and Tremont

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There has been an accident on the Green Line at the Boylston Station around 12:20. One train apparently hit the back of another, and although it was at a slower speed with no derailment, five people have been transported to the hospital due to the railroad injury, with twenty-six more being evaluated at this time.

They’re thinking in using resources like the Lawsmith to get help with the compensation to cover for their injuries. Travelers taking the Green Line for their commute would be advised to make alternate plans, as this will most likely shut down the area for hours.

The rear of the train appears to be blown into the air and several passengers were ejected from the train as it hit the trestle. One woman was seen on the ground at the rear of the train, and others were bleeding from the head.

Photos posted online by witnesses appear to show flames rising from the structure. Some video from the scene has been posted online, too.
Backup inbound from Washington, D.C. was diverted to New Jersey, with service suspended in both directions at 6:12 p.m. In a statement about the incident