Rondo and Humphries Fisticuffs at the Garden Leads to Worst Poll Ever

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The Celtics and Nets got into a bit of a heated game last night, and it wasn’t long (read, the second quarter) before things got testy and it led to the above battle between Rajon Rondo and Brooklyn’s Kris Humprhies. There are plenty of stories out of this, as well as more news to come based on suspensions for those involved, but I did happen upon one other ridiculous aspect – the ever famed “viewer poll” approach on who was to blame.

This one, from New England Cable News, happens to be my favorite, because it went right to the easy joke – Kris Humphries’ short term marriage to a Kardashian:

The biggest missing link on this list is clearly John Stockton as the instigator. The ejection cost Rondo an opportunity to pass the legendary Jazz player on the list for most consecutive games with double-digit assists. The two remained tied at 37 straight, and now Rajon must start all over again.

And because I know you’re concerned, as of 11:30, Kardashian is leading with just about 50 percent of the vote.