A Little Water Rising Could Sink the South End

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Look, I’d love waterfront property in the South End as much as the next yuppie. I’m kind of in the realm of “global warming is science” though, so I see the negatives as well.

How is this relevant to anything today, 33 degrees with just a little sun here in town? Well, I got intrigued checking out a post on Lifehacker about whether rising sea levels could impact the Googleplex out in California. The tools they were all different levels of cool, so naturally I had to play with them. Because I’m a tinkerer, I zoomed right in on the downtown Boston using one of them – Surging Seas.

Looks like just 5 feet of a rising sea in the next 10 years could have me swimming to the Mass Ave stop:

The tool, from Climate Central, is equal parts depressing and obsessive. I’ll be stocking up on the beach chairs if you need me.