Underheard in Boston

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You know what you don’t hear often in Boston?

Years ago, McSweeney’s inspired us with a list of things that are Underheard in New York. So, we got creative this morning – here are things you don’t hear very often in Boston. Have some of your own? Hashtag them #UnderheardBOS.

  • “I absolutely believe the Red Sox have sold out Fenway for the last 9 years.”
  • “Isn’t there anything to do in this town on Fourth of July?”
  • “I’m so glad they give out less neighborhood parking passes than cars who live here.”
  • “No bikers were nearly creamed by drivers today”
  •  “The amount of deer that the MBTA has hit is totally normal.”
  • “The Bruins are gonna play this season.”
  • “Modern or Mike’s?  Who cares, they’re both great and I frequent each establishment often!”
  • “I love Alec Baldwin’s Boston accent from 30 Rock.”
  • “I really don’t think the Herald has dedicated enough coverage to hack holidays.”
  • “Trust me: there’s no better way to see this city than from a duck boat.”
  • “I think it’s finally Northeastern’s turn to win back the Beanpot.”
  • “I don’t see how there’s anything funny about the General Hooker Entrance.”
  • “My friends from Cambridge think Allston is unbelievably charming.”
  • “Man, you meet the friendliest people at the Central Square bus stop.”
  • “Yes! I’d love to go see the Revolution play this weekend!”
  • “It’s so easy to find a cab on Friday and Saturday night in the city.”
  • “Wow, you’re the first person ever to ask me where I went to school.”
  • “All these drivers are so nice and patient and let me merge without cutting me off, laying on their horn or making obscene gestures.”
  • “Of course I understood every word of the mayor’s speech.”
  • “Clery’s on Friday night? Yes, I’d love to stand in line with you there.”
  • “We love our student neighbors.”
  • “Overnight street parking is for losers. Come to Brookline.”
  • “Of course I know where Roslindale is.”
  • “Dunkin’ Donuts? Never heard of it.”