We Love Weekends – December 7 – 9

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It’s holiday party season! With a busy time of the year, our weekends are jammed – here’s where to find our authors this weekend.

Alex D: Friday night I’m going to another one of my sister’s acapella concerts. Saturday I will be heading North to see my Grandmother and go to a Christmas party. Sunday is Christmas Roommate Fest (doesn’t really roll off the tongue all that well). We will be trecking to western Mass to make custom candles at the Yankee Candle Factory and to check out Santa’s village.

Matt C: Tonight we’re celebrating my good friend Evan’s 30th birthday, even though he’d likely rather pretend it wasn’t happening. We’re playing pool at King’s, smoking cigars down the road, then catching a midnight screening of The Room — the so-bad-it’s-great cult classic — at the Coolidge. As for the rest of the weekend, I’ve got very little planned, which after this week isn’t too bad at all.

Drea: It’s decidedly a low-key weekend around these parts. Tonight, I’ll take care of some un-fun stuff to leave room for adventure the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll go on a morning run, meet my friend’s new girlfriend for coffee, do a little holiday shopping and have a fancy dinner date. Sunday could see a mini-road trip, perhaps head up to Portsmouth to visit the original Friendly Toast.

Dave: My folks are in town this weekend and we’re doing an early Christmas due to extended family travel later in the month. I’m taking them out to dinner downtown for one of the best views in the city, and then will be out in the ‘burbs for the rest of the weekend. There’ll be football, though. Oh yes. Have to warm up for that big Monday night showdown against the Texans with as many appetizers as the NFL will give me.

Alex LSOtto Pizza will be the dinner destination for tonight; possibly followed by a movie at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Tomorrow is my company’s holiday party at the JFK Library. The Library will be open for us to browse so you may find me wandering around the exhibits instead of hitting the dance floor! Sunday I’ll put on all the winter gear I own to run Walter’s 5K Run in West Roxbury with my Girls on the Run team to celebrate the end of the season.

Casey: I’ve begun what I call “hibernation” for the season. It actually means that I say, “PEACE OUT, BOSTON,” and retreat toKillington for the weekend. Like, every weekend. It’s not you, Beantown, it’s me. Skiing is just that much more fun! And Killington’s an easy drive, so come play fellow Bostonites! But, what would I be doing if I was staying in town? Well, we’re sans Christmas tree this year, so I would definitely head down to see that Oh, Canada tree of ours in Faneuil Hall and stare at it with utter joy a la Buddy the Elf. And then I’d go skating at the Frog Pond, shopping for Christmas ornaments for next year’s tree, and then warm up with my own large cheese pizza from Ernesto’s in the North End. ‘Tis the season!