This NESN Sports Bar Food Bracket is All Kinds of Rubbish

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In the middle of December, with the Bruins on ice and the Sox signing everyone and their mother to 3-year, $13m deals, the station owned by the two of them wants to distract you by thinking about bar food. NESN went ahead and did what anyone in a news slump would do: invent a tournament for visitors to vote over the next few weeks.

The quest? Crown the “Best Sports Bar Dish in Boston.”

While a mouthful (pun!), I have a quick set of issues with the fabricated competition. Here are three things wrong with NESN’s “Boston’s Best Sports Bar Dish” bracket:

  1. Sports bars in Boston are farther and fewer between than you’d imagine. Still, there are enough legit places that you would call a “sports bar” that places like Tequilla Rain, Dillon’s and the Public House could probably be skipped from the list. We get it, two of them are behind Fenway Park, with the third not too far away. Proximity doth not a sports bar make. If that was the case, I’d vote for anything at Eastern Standard over most of the things on this list, and “hey, they have TVs!” seems to be as good a qualifier as the other joints here.
  2. Seriously, you couldn’t find anything on the Cask N’ Flagon menu, just so it made the bracket? You included absolutely everything else on Boylston, and it’s not like we’re asking for Who’s on First to be included. I’ve eaten there, it’s not horrible and, for crissakes, you picked fries and gravy from Dillon’s. There has to be something to say for the food at the Fenway establishment, no?
  3. There is something a tad obvious about the fact that 10 of the bars are located within a stone’s throw from Boylston, while five others are collected around the Garden (the lone outlier belonging to the CBS grill down at Foxboro). Look, it’s their prerogative to promote things near the venues of their teams, but big chains and well known spots? That is barely fun and even less interesting. Where’s the creativity?

(Hat tip to BRT on the bracket)