Green Line Extension Begins Today

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Groundbreaking begins today for the Green Line extension to Union Square, expected to be done by 2016 or 2017. Governor Deval Patrick was at the Somerville Target this afternoon to commemorate the groundbreaking.

This is great news for Union Square, which only has buses as a form of public transportation at this time. However, there seems to be lots of steps required before this happens. For instance, funding and a construction team are still missing. According to Wicked Local, the MBTA is still taking requests through February and a contract will be rewarded by late spring.

The construction plan will cost up to an estimated $13 million dollars. Phase one will be the reconstruction of the Harvard Street railroad in Medford and the Medford Street railroad bridge in Somerville. The bridges will be rebuilt to contain both the existing Commuter Rail and the new Green Line trains. A building in East Cambridge will also be demolished in preparation for the expansion.

For more information regarding the plans for the Green Line Extension, be sure to check out the MBTA’s Green Line Extension website documenting the plan from the beginning.