Grinch Alert: Christmas Tree Delivery Company Loses Trees, Customers

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Ordering a Christmas tree for delivery with a Living Social deal sounds like a great idea, right? It shows up at your apartment, no mess in the car, no tying your doors shut when you put it on the roof (…not that it’s ever happened…).

Well, things aren’t working out well for anyone who made the investment this year through a deal posted last month.

Five Star Christmas Tree Co. deliveries around the country are all sorts of messed up and, as you would imagine, Facebook is a fountain of roughed-up revelers:

See that big red mark over Boston? Well, there’s a reason it was even worse here. A source shared with us the Scrooge alert that Five Star was forced to send – claiming that some of the delivery teams have gone off grid and potentially made off with their trees.The Bah Humbug email:

We contracted with a local delivery company in your area to help us complete your delivery route.  Normally, our delivery crews follow our structured routes and use our software to update each specific delivery status.  However, the crew for your route has been unresponsive the last few days, and we have been unable to provide updated information for your specific tree.

Although they have successfully completed some of the deliveries, we are now assuming the worst for a few of remaining deliveries, and they have likely stolen our remaining trees that have not been delivered.  

We sincerely apologize for the delay in this delivery, and realize this is a significant inconvenience.  We want to resolve this for you without waiting any longer. 

The option we have at this point is that you request a refund from the promotion provider where you purchased your tree (ie: Directly from Five Star, Living Social, Google). On top of this, we would like to offer you a free tree for next year.  

If your tree does arrive late without us knowing, and you have already found another option, please keep this tree, or donate it to someone in need.  

Again, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but we hope you will accept this free tree from us after this year’s tree is refunded.


Support Team

Five Star Christmas Tree Co. 

So, if you bought the deal, get back in touch and get your refund. That’s what our source did – luckily, there’s still time to save Christmas.