Patriots Cheat Sheet – Week 14 vs Houston

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The Ov-er-rat-ed Edition

Monday night football can certainly be hard to keep up with since it starts so late – seriously. If you aren’t all tired in the office but still want to make it look like you stayed up all the way to the end of the Pats destruction of the Houston Texans, the Cheat Sheet is here for you.

The road to the AFC Championship may technically still involve Reliant Stadium, the home  of the Houston Texans, but last night, the Patriots put on a pretty stellar clinic that reminded the conference that it figuratively must go through Foxboro to get to the Super Bowl. The defending AFC champs laced up against the conference-leading Texans and, when the dust settled, Houston retained the one-seed, but their spirit was broken to the tune of a 42-14 drubbing by the Pats.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Houston Loses Two – Houston has only two losses on the season, but both of them were ass-kickings at the hands of two Super Bowl MVPs. Earlier in the year, the Texans went through almost an identical game against the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers went all gadgety for 6 TDs. While Brady only had 4 last night (only), there’s something going on with that Houston defense that is wild.
  • Where’d Houston’s Offense Go? – The oft-maligned Patriots secondary was supposed to get wrecked by Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels. That didn’t happen – because Houston couldn’t establish it’s running game effectively enough to stop the rush.
  • Aaron Hernandez is Back – The vertical threat from the tight end made Brady’s day easy, and two of the four were catches by the beast from Bristol. The Pats have a couple big games left before the playoffs, but if the offense looks like it did last night, watch out.

The Pats get another Prime Time game next week when they host the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers – their last big test of the regular season. Join us Monday morning for another cheat sheet.