Hinge: A Mobile App to Connect Friends of Friends is Coming to Boston Soon

Coming Soon Hinge
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Finding new people to mingle with isn’t easy.

We all know that, heck, that’s part of being in your 20s in a city.

Up here in Boston, though, we’ve got our well-turned eyes on a cool launch down in DC. Hinge, an app that CMO Bennett Richardson describes as a way to “connect friends of friends in a fun, non-awkward way” through rating of mutual interests, is already making waves in Washington:

“Hinge is starting off with cool, connected, and educated people in a small area–in this case, their first city is Washington. First, they pitched Hinge to students at Georgetown University by hanging out in their library during finals week with flyers. They have been advertising Hinge to the Georgetown socials through Late Night Shots, and have plans to snag the young staffers on Capitol Hill this summer with flyers and happy hours.”

Formerly a Facebook interface with a premium scale of membership, Hinge as a mobile app promises a better UX, no service fee and full integration with the on-the-go nature of the target audience. As it rolls out in DC through the winter, expect to hear more about what the app is doing down in the Beltway.

We Love Beantown has learned from Richardson that Boston is circled as a destination for Hinge later this spring. After all, Richardson has strong Acton, Mass. and Maine roots, and CEO Justin McLeod honed the idea while at Harvard Business School.

Look for more news to come.