We Love Weekends – December 14 – 16

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Every holiday party is clearly this weekend. To find out around which Christmas trees our authors may be rocking, read on.

Dave: This is officially the big weekend of holiday parties, so I’m going to do my best to hit the highest amount possible. Looks like that will take me to Belmont and Southie on Friday, then a hop around Kenmore/Fenway before trekking across town for a second Southie run and finally downtown. Because that’s not enough, I’m going to sneak in a run around the Museum of Science and back on Saturday morning and then a mileage run on Sunday morning to Washington DC for brunch at Ragtime. See you Monday if I survive.

Drea: Yes, the holiday parties. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating with our growing team at Lolita. Saturday, I have book club at Diva in Davis Square. I’m desparately trying to finish “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” before then. Then, it’s time for some lady pampering – a holiday mani/pedi. WIll I throw in the 10-minute massage? You know, it’s entirely possible. Saturday night, we’ll check out Apache Relay at Great Scott. Sunday’s family day – we’ll celebrate my sister-in-law-to-be’s 20th birthday with dinner in the city and a trip to the MFA.

Alex L: To get into the Christmas spirit, I’ll head downtown tonight to see the City’s Christmas tree and the light and sound show, Blink! Did you know that tomorrow is National cupcake day? Thanks Boston Tweet. The world’s largest cupcake was displayed in London in 2009, contained 200 eggs,  and weighed over 330 lbs. I’ll take this holiday seriously and treat myself to a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury. Sunday I promise to avoid my usual brunch spots and venture somewhere new, most likely Washington Square Tavern, to enjoy the shrimp & grits, pork belly & slow poached egg. Following brunch and a cup of joe at Café Fixe, I’ll meander through Brookline’s indoor winter farmers market at the Arcade Building in Coolidge Corner to find everything from winter veggies to holiday gifts.

Maloney: Levy’s right. It’s holiday party season. Friday, I’ve got a Hanukkah party in Brookline. Fried potatoes? This Irish girl says yes. Saturday, I’m heading to Woburn for help in crocheting a baby blanket for my soon to be nephew or niece. That night, I’m going to see Lincoln at the AMC Commons and then head to Inman Square for a Holiday Cookie party. Sunday, the roommates and I are having hot chocolate (possibly from Burdick) and watching Elf since I’ve never seen it.

Shannon: Friday night I’ll be hitting up the Ft. Point Holiday Stroll, browsing ornaments at Christmas in Boston (Faneiul Hall) and eating candy canes like an elfish fiend. (Unlike Maloney, I have seen Elf and Buddy is my Holiday Muse! If you need more proof, keep reading.) Saturday it’s down to the Cape to spend some quality time with my Grandpa and decorating the tree. Perhaps we will drink mugs of cocoa. I’ll also be working in Santa’s toy shop. Really, I just have all these unique gift ideas I want to try out. Hand painted wine glasses anyone? Sunday’s highlight will be my friend’s annual gingerbread house party in Waltham. We eat, drink and try to out do each other’s gingerbread monstrosities. Oh yeah, I’m feelin the holiday spirit.

Alex: My weekend started early on Thursday night when I got together with my old coworkers for a Christmas party Hibachi style in North Andover. Nothing makes me happier than watching the chef create an onion volcano. Friday I will be hanging out with friends and hopefully seeing Lincoln. Saturday I will be spending my time walking around the city to take some photos… has been a while since I have had time.  Sunday I will be getting my hair cut and all of my last minute-ish Christmas shopping done. The weekend ends, Sunday night when the roomies host a Friend-mas festive dinner party.

Scott: While it’s not an event I am bottling the brew I made from Barley Corn in Natick on Sunday. Home brewing is huge, but what if you could do it in a place that guarantees success and will clean up the mess for you? That’s Barley Corn.

Casey: I have to admit, my weekend is starting off in a bit of an unusual fashion for me: “Clubbing.” This is what happens when friends turn 30 and decide that they want to go to Royale to celebrate. I tend to look at going to a club as some sort of odd sociology experiment (it helps me make it through with my sanity somewhat intact), and I’m sure tonight will not disappoint. Especially considering Royale is having a “Naughty Santa Hat Party” – WTF?! Saturday, I’m on the fence about heading up to Killington to ski or staying in Boston. Suggestions? Either way, there will be chili! Yes, I’m making a second batch of the Nuptial Chili that was victorious at this year’s Chili Cookoff at Dave Levy’s BC tailgate. I cannot wait to scarf it. If you like spicy food, let me know, I’ll send you my non-recipe recipe!