Love Boston Like the World is Ending

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The minutes are ticking away, folks, and the end of the world could potentially be upon us. A simple question we posed to the team here: where would you spend the last day on Earth in Boston? From hot wings to comfort spaces to the prettiest spots to see the carnage, the WLBT staff offers up its picks to where they’d love Boston as the world is ending.

Maloney: I’d like to spend my last day on earth redoing one of my favorite experiences in Boston: Whale Watching. I’d hop on the boat at the New England Aquarium and head out to Stellwagen Bank with a clear view of the Boston skyline in the background. Obviously, the boat would be full of Anna’s burritos, Santarpio’s pizza, Harpoon beer, pastries from Modern and a tv so Randy Price can update me on the impending doom.

Casey: If the world was going to end tomorrow I’d run my butt off with November Project in the morning doing hills on Summit Ave. – and maybe even swing by the Chestnut Hill reservoir or Esplanade for one last Boston run. Then I would sweatsuit up, bundle in a sleeping bag and order massive amounts of my favorites: Steak’n’cheese wrap and chive fries from Moogy’s, boneless spareribs from Hoy Hing, piles and piles of sushi from Fugakyu, peanut butter M&M fro yo from Angora, cheese pizzas from Ernestos, Pinos, and the Upper Crust, nachos from Clarkes, Bangkok burritos from boloco, and my own personal Box of Joe to make Irish coffees with. For dessert, I’d like a mountain of grapes. After a hardcore food coma snooze with hubs and hound, we’d haul ass up to Wingaersheek beach for some fetch, barbecuing, and beers, waiting for that giant tidal wave in all the end-of-the-world movies to roll up. But of course we’d have a trimaran ready to go in case the world didn’t end and we just had Waterworld it up for the next 50 or so years.

Drea: I’d grab my favorite people and take everyone to Toro. Because if there’s one thing I need before I go, it’s the corn…and the peppers…and their cocktails and, well, you know. You’ve been there. Then, I’d take everybody down to a floating dock on the Charles to look over at all our favorite haunts before the Mayan clock runs out. If weather doesn’t permit for an outdoor sit, I think the top floor of Boston University’s Student Village would provide the same perfect panoramic view.

Alex L-S: What would I want freshest in my mind as this life comes to a close? Definitely a walk through the trees on Comm Ave and a scoop of Oreo ice-cream from JP Licks on Charles street. I’d enjoy the scoop on the docks of the Charles with Drea, and let my feet hang off the edge, maybe even dip a toe in the water and in my head play “sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away”. A bonfire would follow with friends, some booze, Smores, and someone playing the guitar.

Natty: There’s really only one place in Boston to be standing when the seas rise, the heavens come crashing to earth, and that dreaded fat lady starts singing: on the mound at Fenway Park. A Sam Adams Boston Lager in one hand and a shot of Jameson in the other, I’d gather my best pals and spend my last minutes living it up with the ghosts of Teddy Ballgame, Jimmie Foxx, and Johnny Pesky. And maybe–if I was feeling super ambitious–I’d blast R.E.M.’s classic “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” over the loudspeaker…

Scott: The answer’s very easy for me. I’d first host the best brunch that anyone ever did see at my place in Somerville. With friends and family from around the country, bagels would be imported from New York City, lox shipped in from Seattle, kegs of Yuengling from PA and endless bottles of champagne from France. From there we’d take a party bus (naturally) onto 93 and head downtown to the top of the Prudential Center to catch a birds-eye view of the unrest and party the day away with more spirits, surprises and laughs. Those surprises would specifically include a special appearances by the Foo Fighters who just so happen to invite me on stage to sing ‘Best of You’ as the apocalypse strikes. As my last breath leaves my body and with any good end-of-the-world movie, I’d have a final split second to recap my life as I turn to dust and think to myself – “Life wasn’t so bad after all.”

Shannon: My first impulse is to dash off to somewhere high to take it in. Custom House Tower perhaps? Yet, my fellow authors got me thinking about the vital last meal. So instead I’ll spend my last hours in Monica’s Mercato. Rocking a righteous party frock, I’d make my way through their wine selection, whilst snacking on cured meats, imported cheeses, capers and stuffed peppers. The guys behind the counter would make excellent company with their fun and flirtatious natures. After all, who doesn’t want a little sweet talk right before the world ends?

Alex D: My last day would be a blend of nerding it up, chowing down, and getting my Britney on. I would sleep in, because hey I need to be rested for the reaping… er… that was a couple of months ago right? Anyways, I would start off my day with friends at the Paris Creperie to enjoy a delicious “Tuscan Crepe”, followed by crossing the street to check out the “hand section” of the Brookline Booksmith. Next, I would head down to downtown Boston to say goodbye to some of my favorite buildings, ending at the Custom House to take in the view and chaos below.  At this point I would be hungry again, so I would make a stop at the Intercontinental Hotel’s Sushi Teq for sushi and tequila shots. Finally as the sun sets, and the sky opens, I would keep on dancing till the world ends at Royale.

Dave: This question was harder than I thought, but while I wanted to go for the comfort selection of a favorite bar or long-time saloon, or even a sentimental place around my former college campus, I’m going to go out in style. I’ll be camped out in Stanza dei Sigari in the North End, enjoying a cannoli from Vittoria above, a favorite scotch or two – neat, aged – and a cigar.

Matt N: My last day? I’d have a steak and cheese from Dom’s Butcher Shop for lunch, then take one last ride out in the harbor to see the city from the water, followed by a second lunch at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. I’d be joining Dave for both a cigar and scotch (the oldest single malt on the menu) at Stanza, my favorite hangout in the city. Finally, I’d watch the destruction from my roof in Medford, offering a perfect view of the skyline, as Billy Joel’s “I’ve Loved These Days” blasts in the background.