Red Sox FC: Designer Imagines a Soccer Kit for Fenway

Red Sox FC M Willis (
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If you’re into soccer culture, you know that the identities of football clubs are master planned and detailed endeavors. This transfers across their stands and infused in every aspect of stadiums, crests and, most importantly, their uniforms (or kits, if we’re being technical).

Designer M. Willis took on a project: what if the various brand elements of MLB teams – specifically in the AL East – were translated into their soccer counterparts. The results are pretty awesome, and his detailed explanation of each design choice is well worth the read to find out how he got to the white Red Sox FC design you see here.

My quick thoughts: I love how he handled the number of championships, representing the two eras of World Series teams with one gold and two silver stars. In terms of the corporate sponsor, I go back and forth. Covidien is definitely the most visible choice from the placement on the Monster, and it actually would be a similar, corporate-spend to the sister team in Liverpool (who’s Standard Chartered is in that same ballpark of big company that does…something I’ll have to look up). The only other alternative that I could think of that may match the region and similar sponsorship is L.L. Bean, who added on a nifty 100 year sponsorship deal on the rain delay tarp and would be a reasonable brand partner.

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