Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 17 vs Miami

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The “Scoreboard Watching” Edition

Some have to work tomorrow, some don’t. Either way, family or co-workers, hopefully you’re talking about what lies next for the Patriots. With the rumble against the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon hitting lots of other events before the New Year, you may be catching up on the news. To help you out, here’s what you need to know.

A really short cheat sheet for you as the victorious Pats head into a bye week and the 2012 playoffs.

There were two important components to yesterday’s victory over the Dolphins. First, get and keep healthy – with Gronkowski finally back after a few weeks off, it was a nice to see the Gronk spike back. The victory helped the Pats fulfill one part of the playoff scenarios necessary to take another week off and earn even more rest. They didn’t need anything showy, just a W and no injuries. Mission accomplished, to the tune of 28-0.

The second step? Scoreboard watch a little. The Broncos were victorious (but I think 11 authors of WLBT could beat the Chiefs), but with the Texans falling to the Colts, the Pats earned the two seed for the AFC. That means that they’ll get the week off and play on the Sunday the 13th – not too shabby. Likely opponents include the Texans (who must pick themselves up and beat the Bengals at home after last week’s loss) or the Ravens (if they beat the Colts). Thing is, the Colts could very likely upset Baltimore, as could Cincy over the damaged egos in Houston – if those happen, the Colts will be in Gillette come the following week.

We’ll update the progress and have a preview come next Monday.