Dave Balter on Why He Loves Boston and Seth Godin’s Boston Visit

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Seth Godin, bestseller author, and leading marketing thinker, is coming to Boston. Specifically, he’ll be at Intelligent.ly on January 23rd from 11am-12pm, providing marketing advice in a discussion moderated by Dave Balter. Spaces are limited, so you should apply here.

We caught up with Dave, CEO of BzzAgent, executive chair at Smarterer, managing director of Intelligent.ly and author, to find out just what to expect when Seth comes to town and what makes Dave love Boston.

First off, how did you woo Seth Godin to come in? How far back do you two go? What can we expect to learn?

Dave: Seth was actually one of the inspirations for BzzAgent, and many of his ideas – like Permission Marketing – went into how I shaped the business. Shortly after launch, Seth reached out to us and we first struck up a business relationship first (we helped him launch Purple Cow and subsequently many books and projects) and ultimately a friendship developed. An hour with Seth is like 100 with anyone else, so we should be in for a fun ride on January 23rd.

You’re from here, but what enticed you to put your roots down in Boston? Certainly not making eye-contact with people on the T. That’s a no-no. But seriously, there’s an incredible sense of community in Boston, and that’s been an undeniable factor in each of my businesses. Plus, I like clam chowder.

What are some of your favorite haunts, past and present? What’s your favorite cocktail?

I’m a big music geek, so I remember all of the places where you could go see a great show. The Roxy was always one of my favorites, but that’s gone now. I wandered by the Middle East and T.T. The Bears the other night and felt nostalgic (and old). If only The Shelia Divine were playing.

As for cocktails, I’m a Glenfiddich on the rocks guy. Who’s buying?

On a Friday night, where could we expect to run into Balter?

Receiving an email from me, as the first thing to do is catch up on all the inbounds that missed my net during the week. It’s the only way to get a fresh start on the weekend. Once that’s done, I’ll be at the bar at Sorellina or in bed. Not necessarily in that order.

Any secret gems around the city you visit often?

I’m a huge fan of the ice skating pond in Kendall Square. It’s great for my kids, but that’s also where I work on my ice ballet skills. Outside of that, I only wear my leotard wresting.

When you aren’t CEO-ing at BzzAgent, Executive Chair-ing at Smarterer and mentoring at Intelligent.ly, what are your favorite hobbies?

I didn’t start running until I turned 40, and now I’m addicted. I used to feel like I looked like a Sloth when I ran. Now I feel more like a fast Sloth.

When you need to beat the bitter cold on a day like today, where do you head? Inside. 🙂

Go check out more of Balter’s banter with Seth Godin at Intelligent.ly on the 23rd. It will be so worth it.