We Love Weekends – January 4 – 6

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It’s cold, but we still have plenty of fun planned. Here’s where to find our authors this first weekend of 2013.

Maloney: It’s early January, so there’s not much to do. Cold, snow, lack of sun. Naturally, it’s time for my friend’s annual food fueledSnackadium Party. Yup, we make a snackadium. With brownies as retaining walls, Cheetos as people in the crowd, and I know it goes without saying but a gucamole football field. Worth all the calories. Since the party is on Saturday in Brookline, I’ll probably hit up Coolidge Corner to do some shopping at Brookline Booksmith before the party. Sunday, I’ll be at the gym working off the calories and probably stopping off at Bow St. Yoga to make up for all the deliciousness occurred the day before.

Shannon: Ah, time to take a break! With the past two months an absolute whirlwind of activity, I’m glad to have a weekend with very minimal plans. Friday after work, I’m meeting up with some professional acquaintances at Christopher’s in Porter Square. I’ve never been, but I’m looking forward to a well-rounded beer list. Saturday, ice skating is in order. If the frigidness holds, I might take a day trip to a pond my significant other has his heart set on. Back up plan? Steriti Memorial Rink in the North End. My night plans include dinner-in (Taco night, woot!) and then building my karaoke confidence singing at Kings. Sunday, I am going to sleep in…maybe grab a glutenous burger from the Waterfront Cafe.

Dave: For my first weekend back in town after a few weeks away, I’ll be making it a double-field-trip to Conte Forum to take in BC hockey (on Friday) and then hoops (on Saturday). For Sunday, I’m on a quest to find the best place to watch playoff football that isn’t my apartment, because playoff football makes up for so much else and I can’t change the channel anyway. Although, let’s admit it, being forced to watch a full game versus Red Zone is kind of ruining the NFL.

Alex D: I have no idea what I will be doing while not wearing an ugly Christmas sweater (sorry mom) or sipping on some egg nog. After the two day week I had at work, I’m wiped out.  I’m hoping to check out a new place (for me) to dine tonight, such as Fogo or Maki Maki…apparently I am in the mood for some stomach stretching. The rest of the weekend I will try to spend inside.Yea yea I live in New England I should get used to 7 degree temperatures, but I’m not sure anyone can “get used” to 7. I was thinking of going to Fenway on Saturday for the Fenway Park Winter Light Show, but I don’t think I’m in the mood for hypothermia. You may find me flopping around on iceskates Saturday or Sunday…inside.

Drea: Tonight, I’ll be wandering Beacon Hill (+ bars) as my friend is in from Seattle and that’s what she requested! Saturday morning, I’m hoping to sleep in before heading out to the burbs to visit the future fam. It’s a pretty quiet day; maybe I’ll scoot over to Wilson Farms in Lexington to stock up on some goodies. Nothing super fun til Sunday when we’ll be celebrating a friend’s 30th at Woodward in the Ames hotel.

ALS: I can’t help but be in a great mood as the price of this weekend was only three work days!  I’ll jump start the fun with a Beacon Hill bar hop with Drea and an old Boston friend back in town for a visit. Rumors point to the Liberty Bar or the Tip Tap Room. Saturday I’ll check Symphony Hall off of my bucket list and will laugh without guilt to inappropriate Louis CK jokes! A lazy Sunday will follow with arepas and empanadas at Orinoco in the South End.

Natty: With the hectic holiday season over, I’m looking forward to a low key weekend of tapas, brews, sports, and some good, old fashioned local music. Tonight, I’ll make my way down to the newly opened Barcelona on Beacon Street in Washington Square to indulge in some tapas and a splash or two (or ten?) of sangria.  On Saturday, I’ll be flip-flopping between playoff football and BC basketball until I head down to Brighton Center (Green Briar? Porter Belly’s? Who knows!) for some cover music. Sleeping late, football, and guitar will round out the weekend on Sunday.