MBTA’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 2013

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Will today be the first day of 2013 where the MBTA doesn’t ruin your morning?

I commute by bike, even when it’s freezing. Monday was a perfect example why: the MBTA joined Alexander for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Straphangers on the MBCR’s Providence, Franklin and Needham lines, as well as Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and Acela service, were significantly delayed for the morning commute, though a downed electrical wire by Forest Hills station was repaired in time for the evening rush.

Last week it was too cold for the trains to run. This week they can't run because of Amtrak. Next week locus. @ #MBTAannoy
Chris Rupprecht

I think Chris means “locusts”, but he’s not far off: Boston’s new year has only just begun, but we can take a quick tally of 2013 plaguing our city’s transit.

  • January 5. MBTA Police release photos of two men attempting to sell firearms at the Airport Station in late December. We’re happy for the tips request, but it’s a disconcerting start to the winter.
  • January 4. The Red Line continues a trend of three delayed mornings in a row.
  • January 3. 12 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Green Line trolley stops traffic at Kenmore Station, reported Universal Hub. The Red Line takes its sweet time.
  • January 2. The Red Line runs delays the morning of the first working day of the new year.

Remember friends, Monday kicked off our first full work-week since the holidays. Plenty more to come of the city’s travel nightmare. Unless, of course, you join me biking on Boylston Street.