Newport Folk Festival Tickets Available

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The summer’s greatest event (in my humble opinion) has returned.

Tickets for the Newport Folk Fest, now in its 54th year, are now on sale. This year, the festival is expanding to a three-day format, for even more greatness. With three-stages and nearly continuous musical acts for two days, there’s more than enough for everyone to enjoy.

The lineup has not yet been announced, actually. It should come later this spring. Newport Folk Fest organizers let fans in on the issues they have in line-up announcements late in 2012. Other festivals have a ‘radius clause’ that jeopardizes the ability for the Newport Fest to lure big names, because they couldn’t be announced until AFTER the other festivals. To avoid this, Newport can book and announce smaller acts and then surprise fans at the last minute with headliners.

In all seriousness, true fans sign up with or without a line-up to look at. In fact, early bird 3-day passes sold out in well under 60 minutes, meaning there are plenty of ticket holders who don’t know what they’ll be seeing in July, just that it will be epic. Myself included.

If you haven’t gone, the venue is beautiful, the food is great, there’s amazing people-watching and the music is incredible. Even if you only go for a day, come give it a whirl. It’s always my favorite weekend every summer.