We Love Weekends – January 11 – 13

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Enough with the flu. It’s going to be springlike this weekend– that is to say, rainy and 50°– so let’s make the most of it. Shake off the post-New Year’s hangover, take some Dayquil, and get on the town with the help of our authors tips for this weekend’s events.

Drea: Tonight I’m meeting some girlfriends and hoping to try out a new place. Estelle’s – we’re looking at you. Saturday, since it will be so nice, I’ll run errands on Newbury, my soon-to-be-no-longer home, like hitting up the National Jean Company for my first pair of jeans in years. Plus, my BFF comes back after a month away, so we’ll indulge in some pampering with a mani/pedi. Sunday, I’m hitting up a bridal store in Dedham, to knock bridesmaid’s dresses off the to-do list. I’ll also be counting down the days until JT’s new song. Exciting stuff, no? (If you want to move into a one-bed on Newbury in February/March – email me).

ALS: Don’t tell Boston but this weekend I’m having an affair with Portland. The plan is to eat and drink the cold away, starting with a beer tour of four breweries in the Portland area hosted by Maine Beer Tours, a company started by two young beer lovin’ entrepreneurs. If I was in Boston this weekend, I would get my sushi fix at Avana in Chinatown, watch Bye Bye Liver, a sketch comedy drinking play at Hennessey’s, and cozy up with friends around the inviting fireplace bar at Post 390.

Alex D: Tonight I will be heading to the Golden Temple in Washington Square with friends for some Mai Tais and dancing. Saturday my parents are coming up to move my sister back into her dorm at BU.  I’ll be celebrating my friend Danielle getting engaged Saturday night at either Exchange Street Bistro or All Seasons Table in Malden. Sunday will be spent hanging out with the fam and making dinners/lunch for the rest of the week.

Maloney: 55 degrees this weekend? Time to pull out the shorts! Tonight, I’m heading out Cambridge Common to get dinner and drinks with a friend. Tomorrow after running errands, I’ll be out with friends meeting up with some friends in Downtown Crossing. We’ll probably get some yummy mac and cheese at Silvertone. Sunday I’m meeting up with some friends to watch football. But since it’s gonna be 55° out, I might have to go for a walk at Fresh Pond first.

Jarret: While a friend’s party was going to kickoff my weekend, the host came down with the flu. I guess she didn’t get her shots in time. Instead, Friday may result in Harvard Square beers– Grendel’s is a favorite standby, or simply dominating a game of hearts at a now-partyless apartment. Music carries the rest of the weekend: I received a tip from New York that Saturday’s concert by The London Souls, 8 p.m. at Berklee’s Cafe 939, will be an experience. They’re playing with the North Mississippi Allstars, whose song “Eyes” has been loaded in my library for years. The music continues Sunday with dominance at the keyboards: a fantastic double bill of Little Feat and Leon Russell at the Wilbur, rescheduled from the fall. If we can only get a duel going between Leon and Bill Payne…

Shannon: Tonight I’ll be hitting up the Havanna Club for some Salsa lessons: my first time! A friend is currently traveling the country and, after a few months working in Boston (why wouldn’t you want an extended stay in the Hub?!), she’ll be hitting the road again. We all agreed dancing the night away is a great way to send her off. Saturday, I’ll be at the Boston Symphony for a show featuring composers Dutilleux, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Ravel. It promises to be an amazing night. Sunday I don’t have any plans, but that’s just the way I like my Sundays! Have a great weekend!

PS, WLBT Readers: I’m looking for a place to try for dinner in Central Square before dance lessons tonight. Adventurous eating welcome. Leave your suggestions in the comments!