We Love Weekends: January 18 – 21

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Ah yes, the glorious long weekend that starts each and every new year. Ok, for most of our authors, the weekend comes with an extra day. Regardless of how long we’ve got away from the office, here’s what where to find us.

Jarret: My dad’s in town and, like many authors, we’re in the bunker for self-improvement: a pretty nice little Saturday of painting, installing windows, and other chores. Yet afterward, never fear: Red Line nightlife is here. Bowling at Sacco’s? Strike. I guess we’ll have to decide between pizza and barbecue at Redbone’s. Finally, checking out R&B tunes Cantab Lounge, which I declare the last, best joint in Central Square. Seriously, just look at their website. Like Alex, I’m mightilty intrigued by the Brookline Booksmith’s booze reading by Stephanie Schorow. Except that it conflicts with the AFC Championship. Maybe both, I don’t know. If we have time…

Alex: Well apparently it is a long weekend?  I didn’t get that memo.  Tonight I plan on having a low key night… dinner and a movie.  Saturday you will find me traipsing around Boston with my new tripod and remote shutter taking some fancy schmancy photos. Sunday I will be heading over to the Regal Beagle for some Prohibition fare and good old Boston history. Monday… I will be at work.

Drea: Tonight, I want to sneak off to a new restaurant – got any suggestions? Thinking Asta might be fun. In anticipation of any number of big things concurrently happing in my life, like moving and getting hitched, I’m hoping to take this weekend easy – get a mani, see some Oscar docs, read a book, pack up stuff I don’t need for the move, buy a new couchMonday, I too will be working.

Natty: Tonight, I’m crossing the line. The Brighton/Brookline line, that is. It’s time for a run to Vino Divino in Washington Square to snag some high quality red wine without hurting the wallet. I’ll be heading north tomorrow to the city of Portland, ME to check out wedding venues with the lady. While I’m up there, I’ll take in the Portland scene with some live music at Brian Buro’s Public House.  Sunday is a day of travel back to Beantown in time to catch the Pats in the AFC playoff. Here’s hoping Brady and the boys make sure that we see Ray–quoth the raven–nevermore.

Dave: Now that I’m on the other side of a race, I’m finally back to a little more normal (i.e., less long-run-intensive) weekend schedule. Friday night will see me take in some BC hockey before a friend’s birthday at South End favorite Jae’s. I’m going to get going early Saturday morning after that to take my nephew over to the greatest place on earth – the Museum of Science – because they have a Sesame Street planetarium show and if you don’t get excited about that you have no heart. Finally, because playoff football seems the perfect time to do it, I’m going to snag some Wings Over to bring back home and host some friends. Monday? Well, Monday will be recovering from that mini-marathon.

Maloney: I snuck back home to meet my niece Annie. She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Sorry if I said your kid was. I lied. If I was in Boston I’d enjoy this long weekend at the ICA checking out “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s“. And probably going to town on an Anna’s burrito.