Beating Myself Up, I Mean, CrossFit, for Free

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I have kicked up my usual gym workouts to 5-6 day-a-week intense-sessions for the past 3 weeks. Yes, I am trying my first ever New Year’s resolution, and so far I am sticking with it. I always thought New Year fitness resolutions were a waste of time, only to end with a mouth full of chocolate. I have stopped eating out for lunch and made a commitment to the gym due to my new love of kickboxing. My friends have also been working hard, doing yoga, pilates, running, and Zumba-ing. Although we have adapted new dietary lifestyles and fitness training regiments, we were in search of something to spice up our daily workouts.

Hello CrossFit…

The idea of CrossFit didn’t terrify me…until I saw this YouTube video.


CrossFit workouts aim to “teach people how to move their bodies, not using machines. CrossFitters are united around constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.”

I think the concept sounds awesome.  CrossFit workouts mimic motor patterns that are found in everyday life to help strengthen the body as a whole.

Recently, my friend Margaret discovered that every Saturday and Sunday for the months of January and February, City Sports and Reebok CrossFit Back Bay will be hosting hour long CrossFit sessions for FREE!

CrossFit memberships are as daunting as the workouts seem. The cheapest plan is $219.00 a month, 2 classes per week… that is $27.38 a class. Yikes. The program sounds intense, interesting, and addictive. All things that I am in need of…just not sure I can stomach the bill. I’m excited (and terrified) to try the CrossFit program for free!

Hopefully you have not fallen off the bandwagon on your 2013 new year new you resolutions. In case you need a restart, kick in the butt, or want to continue working towards your goal why don’t you try Cross Fit? Sign up soon… many of the free sessions are already closed!

Every Saturday and Sunday from January 19th – February 24th. Sessions meet at 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm