Photo of the Week: January 23, 2013

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Someone sure wishes they had their other glove today.

With the high temperatures for the day in the teens, and feeling like it’s in the negatives thanks to the blust gusting to 25 mph, your first instinct may be to stay inside and burrow in a sleeping bag for the day – I know it crossed my mind this morning.

But I challenge you to channel your inner Yeti, pile on all the coats, scarves, hats, hoods, and (both) gloves you have and get out there! (Or Bonus: go shopping for some!)

Take a photo of brave folks fighting through the cold and post it to the Flickr page! Who will be the most bundled, “I can’t put my arms down,” Bostonian?

Plus, when you have the right cold-weather gear, you can run in any weather. Right, ninjas?