Reliving Childhood Field Trips: The Museum of Science

Rediscovering the Discovery Lab
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My love for the Museum of Science is rooted mainly in nostalgia.

You see, it’s the place where, as a kid, we would come into the city for just about any occasion possible. My parents had a membership, and the joke is that it was one of the places where I learned to both read and code because of the computer lab programming.

Also, as I fondly reminisced (and included in my first tweet ever – thank you Twitter archive), I’ve used it romantically as well:

I once took a girl on a date to the Museum of Science. True story.
Dave Levy

This is not just a story about my weird habits or histories, this is a story about how amazingly well certain parts of our childhood hold up. Growing up in one of the surrounding suburbs of Boston, there were many standard issue field trips that brought the school buses into town. Depending on the grade, it could have been the MFA, Symphony Hall or, of course for this memory, the Museum of Science itself.

The Museum of Science holds up remarkably well, in all honesty. Sure, I was lucky enough to have a nephew that I could use as a disguise for wanting to play in the museum’s endless hands-on exhibits, but there are so many ways to spend a day. In fact, I missed some of my favorites (if you don’t love the lightning show, what’s wrong with you), but I was also missing plenty of what wasn’t there.

The greatest, of course, is the now missing Big Dig exhibit. Built in the early 90s as the project was getting underway, that exhibit was a shrine to the Central Artery in a way that nothing else was. Part of me wishes it was still together, because the education of what this town used to look like – and of course, the science of putting it all together – was one of my favorite lessons.

I’ll remember the Omni drive-through and Leonard Nimoy forever. The Nights at the Museum program? One of the coolest. Bring back the Big Dig!

What other nostalgic field trips do you remember? We’ll dive in on a few others (spoiler alert: yes, Canobie Lake is on the menu), but be sure to let us know some of your favorites!