Sassy Boston Sitcom

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CBS. What are you doing? What. What. What are you doing?

CBS ordered the pilot for, ‘The McCarthys’ created by Brian Gallivan. Gallivan, known to many as Second City’s ‘Sassy Gay Friend’ has appeared in ‘The Informant!’ and ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’.  He is currently a writer for ‘Happy Endings’.

The premise is taken from Gallivan’s real life as an openly gay son of an Irish Catholic family in Boston. (Like the name ‘The McCarthys’ didn’t tell you that already.)

While this sounds like a run of the mill CBS sitcom [‘People forced to be togehter who are totally different!’ ‘Bostonians hate anyone different than themselves!’] there’s plenty of hope that this could be more than the ‘Boston hates outsiders’ stereotypical premise that might be expected.

For starters, Gallivan comes from Second City, the training grounds for pretty much anyone you have found funny in the last five decades.

Gallivan’s comedy background also includes the Sassy Gay Friend videos that take smart turns with the typical gay friend commentary. [My favorite, to Juliet: “Ah ’Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo’? Translation: ‘Desperate, desperate. I am really desperate!’”] What I hope this means is that the traditional ‘Gay son clashes with stereotypical Boston Irish Catholic Dad’ plot line can be more developed, nuanced and intelligent. If Gallivan found a way to make a ‘Sassy Gay Friend’ inventive and new, there’s tons of hope he can do the same for this premise.

He is also currently a writer for one of the best shows on television today, ‘Happy Endings’. Don’t believe me? Check out the clip below where an overly excited Penny tries to learn how to be a hipster.

Finally, this show is going to be the first show on CBS in years to be single camera instead of the typical (and less expensive) multi-camera sitcoms that normally air on broadcast tv. Think ‘30 Rock’ and ‘Arrested Development’ vs. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Two And Half Men’. In addition to, well, a single camera, single camera television shows often skip the typical laugh track. I tend to loathe laugh tracks. Personally, I feel as though they imply the audience doesn’t know when to laugh without guidance. We’re not the slow.

Gallivan’s track record proves that this show will be more than the expected ‘Boston people are ignorant’ easy comedy jokes.

Will you tune in?