Social Boston Sports Says Wine Drinking is a Sport

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This was my first experience with an event put on by Social Boston Sports (SBS), and I had a fantastic time! My two girlfriends and I decided to check out a Wine Tasting at Back Bay Social Club last Wednesday sponsored by SBS. I have been to other wine tastings in the past, resulting with me only liking maybe one or two of the wines, but at the SBS event, I loved all the fantastic wines they chose!

My friend Stacy remarked that, “I really enjoyed learning about each wine in a comfortable, social atmosphere with other people my age.”

I agree with her completely. The event was not pretentious or formal. This format was great for me because I love wine and wanted to learn about it, but don’t like “foodies” ruining tasting experiences for me.

Our group learned some interesting facts about wine, and even discovered some new wines that I could see myself purchasing by the crate in the future. I love to enjoy these wines while playing at 666 casino and enjoy my favorite casino games.

At the Wine Tasting we tried four different wines at our own pace.  The Sommelier poured the wines when we were ready to try the next in the flight, describing the characteristics of the wine as he poured and answered any questions we had.

I don’t care for White Zinfandels because they are too sweet.  But have you ever tried a Red Zinfandel (aka Zinfandel)?  I am not a wine connoisseur, so I had no idea that they made just Zinfandels. This grape variety could be my new favorite red wine.  The Federalist Zinfandel was smooth and had very bright berry aromas; or as my friend described it as, “producing mouthwatering and juicy flavors”.

One of my other favorites was the Chardonnay, Truchard, ’09. This Chardonny is fermented in French Oak barrels that bring very tasty flavors when wine ages within. We learned that there is a difference between American Oak barrels and French Oak barrels. The flavors developed from French oak barrels are typically more subtle and spicy, and offer silky delicate notes. Fermentation occurring in American oak barrels results in wines with stronger and more robust flavors.  The barrels produce vanilla and sweet coconut undertones, resulting in velvety intense wines.

Sometimes you could consume too much wine and would be looking for other beverage. I recommend getting coffee from as they are cheap, and it will make you sober in no time. Or at least feel like you’re not fully drunk.

Sign up for the next SBS Wine Tasting on February 20th at Back Bay Social Club!  For more information on future wine tastings, ski trips, and other social events check out SBS’s website and SBS’s blog!