Boston Fans Bitter, Less So Than Philly, Says Francona

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Oh Tito, can’t you just shut up.

You’re like the boyfriend who got dumped by the girl who went on to win Miss America.  You just can’t get over it, can you? Look, Boston loves you and Philly doesn’t care about you. So move along and manage that team in Cleveland.

While making his rounds promoting Francona, Terry stopped by Boston bred/LA ruined Bill Simmons’s B.S Report this week. With his patented wit, Simmons asked Terry to compare Philly and Boston sports.

“Let’s say there’s an Olympics for bitter, angry, petulant sports fans, who fly off the handle when things aren’t going well, and the Finals are Philly and Boston?,” Simmons asked.

“Oh, I would give it to Philly,” Francona said with a laugh. “I think they’re a little different. They’re both east coast, and they’re both obviously opinionated and really passionate. When I was in Philly, it was back in the late nineties and we were still at [Veterans Stadium]. Our teams weren’t very good. So the people who came out to the ballpark, they were more than happy to vent their frustrations,” Francona continued.

“In Boston, it was actually much different. I mean, they love their teams. Now they’ll show their emotions, and give their opinions, but they absolutely love their guys, and I felt like I needed to be smart enough to understand that. You know, as the manager, you’re going to catch a little heat, and if you don’t understand that, or your skin’s not thick enough, then you have the wrong guy,” Francona said.

So it’s actually not that bad. Terry does defend Boston fans and calls them dedicated, yet emotional and outspoken. Lord knows he dealt with it long enough; from the fans, local and national media.


Being a Philly guy till the ripe age of 17 and having lived in Boston for more than a year now, I take what Terry says personally. See, I actually don’t view the cities all that differently, outside of the fact Boston wins championships whereas I’ve grown accustomed to losing.

Boston has 98.5 The Sports Hub; Philly has 610 WIP. Boston is blue-collar, so is Philly. You’ve got sausage and peppa’s, we have the cheese-steak. MBTA vs. SEPTA.  We got The Fresh Prince turned actor Will Smith. You’ve got Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch turned actor Mark Wahlberg.

Point being, we’re not so different but because Terry had success and won two championships in Boston, his own failures in Philly left him with a bad taste of bitterness, not us. Turn the tides around and had he won two World Series in the City of Brotherly Love, he’d be singing a different tune.

In five seasons with the Phillies you never won more than 77 games. In 8 seasons with the Sox, you never finished with lower than 86. In Boston, you inherited a team who named themselves The Idiots. In Philly, you inherited a team with Kevin Stocker. In Philly, you played in a football stadium with green turf; in Boston, you played in a baseball stadium with a green monster. In Philly, there was Curt Shilling; in Boston he was Curt Shilling with a bloody sock. You have Big Papi, we had Dutch Daulton.

So Terry, before you call us Philly fans bitter (which we are for many reasons), look in the mirror at your own failures here and you’ll see how we got there.

Oh yea, and fuck the Yankees.