We Love Weekends: January 25 – 27

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Hey owl. You cold too? Yeah, we hear you. Let’s go do something warm this weekend. Maybe our authors have some ideas. Check out they’re up to this weekend and we’ll check in with you Monday.


Jarret: It’s a working weekend for me, but fortunately “work” in this context translates to, “rocking the piano and melting peoples’ faces off.” If you’re looking for out-of-town nightlife tonight and Saturday, check out the dueling piano shows at Boynton’s Taproom in Manchester, NH. Wait, an hour’s drive further north doesn’t appeal while Boston itself endures 15° highs? That’s fine, let’s move to Weekend Option No. 2, or: what I would be doing if not working. Order some of the best takeout Thai in the city from Rod Dee. Seek out a live show (oh, iConcertCal, why have you gone without an update for four years?) and decide on the Boston Underground Showcase at Cambridge Elks. It’s wild. Saturday there’s no doubt: it’s Chili Cookoff Time at Church of Boston. I’m already warm (and full) thinking about it.

Alex Lyons-Smith: Tonight I’ll have a tough time choosing drinks at Parish Café in the South End because there are more attractive options than my tolerance can support! Tomorrow I’ll watch the Duke game (come on Coach K: we need a plan without Ryan Kelly!) and bar crawl around Washington Square. Sunday, I’ll try out the recently-changed brunch menu at Toro and fill up on a warm dish of Chilaquiles! The ‘work’ part of the weekend will be making homemade minestrone for the cold week ahead!  Happy weekend everyone!

Alex D.: Nothing too exciting this weekend. I will try and continue to spend the most time I can indoors. This weekend is my company’s office party, so Saturday night I will head up to Andover for dinner and drinks at Dylan’s Bar and Grill with people from our Portland headquarters. Poor planning on my part leads me to Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., where I will be CrossFit-ting for the first time. Hopefully I survive, because I need to finish out my weekend grading my student’s studio projects.