He Loves Boston: Q+A with Social Boston Sport’s [SBS] Community Director Mike Springer

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Mike Springer

A few weeks ago I attended my very first Social Boston Sports event. I was delighted to meet Mike Springer, the Community Manager of SBS.  Find out Why He Loves Boston and about the awesome company he works for! If you want to try table tennis, I highly recommend a ping pong paddles to optimized your game.

Alex Dupnik: How did you end up in Boston?
Mike Springer: I grew up in Westwood on the South Shore, but went to school at Bates College in Maine.  I majored in Spanish and Philosophy which led me to living in Spain for several years after I graduated.

AD: You lived in Spain? That sounds awesome! What did you do while you were there?
MS: I worked for an adventure trip company planning excursions for students traveling from the United States.  When I came back to Boston, Social Boston Sports was looking to expand their team and build their community.  When I joined their team I became SBS’s Community Manager.

AD: How did SBS get started?
MS: Back in 2007 a group of friends graduated from college and realized that the infrastructure for fun disappears once you graduate school.  Intramural sports teams, parties, and clubs are no longer easily available.  Once they entered the workforce they realized that they needed to create fun gatherings on their own so they could meet new people.  They started getting friends together to play kickball.  Friends would bring friends, and this small group of friends, quickly expanded to 18,000 friends living life to its fullest.

AD: It is incredible how quickly the SBS network grew.  I can see why, I understand firsthand how being in your 20s and living in Boston makes it very difficult to meet new people.  What other activities does SBS mange other than joining a sports team?
MS: Since the beginning of SBS, we have coordinated events of all sizes all catered to help people between 21 and 30ish to live life to the fullest while meeting new people.  The founders have always tried to concoct new ways of having fun that people couldn’t do on their own.  We have Learn to Sail and Learn to Row classes in the summer, Whisky and Wine tastings, White Water Rafting, and Slope Side Condo rentals for ski-trips.

Jay Peak Group January 2013

AD: What sports do you take part in through SBS?
MS: My two favorites are soccer and basketball.  I took this season off for soccer but I am currently playing on a basketball team.  I try to play at least 1-2 sports per season.

AD: After your games where do you go to hang out with your teammates and other teams?
MS: I play basketball near the Garden, so we usually end up hanging out at North Star on Friend Street.  The owners and staff are very welcoming to our group.  I play soccer in the Fall/Spring/Summer in a league over in Somerville.  We usually pack the house full of SBS people at Joshua Tree in Davis Square after a game, which is a really good time.

AD: Where is your favorite neighborhood to hang out over the weekend?
MS: Because of my involvement with SBS, I have made friends with people all over the city.  I usually sign up as a free agent on teams, which has helped me met people from all over Boston.  That being said, I really like hanging out in Central Square, Davis Square, and Government Center area.

AD: You seem to have a pretty awesome job!
MS: It’s true. At the end of the day I want to be active, meet new people, and make the most out of life.  Boston is sometimes perceived as being not the friendliest city, but SBS has is a large reach to make amazing events and activities available to meet other amazing young professionals.  We try to keep all of our events light, fun, and social.  We don’t want our events to be stale, boring, or pretentious.  Basically we just want to relax and have fun with other 20 somethings.

Check out the SBS website and blog to sign up for upcoming events!