It’s Marathon Fundraiser Season

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Have you checked qualifying times for the Boston Marathon recently?

Look, I can drive to Burlington, Vermont in 3 hours and 5 minutes if I push it, but running 26.2 miles? If I ever want to run the Boston Marathon – which I do – it’s not likely going to be by way of the ol’ qualification. I’ll have to do what many have done before me and apply to run for one of the many charities who allow interested runners a chance to raise money for worthy causes and earn numbers.

Of course, that’s not cheap, either – you’ll end up kicking in thousands of dollars just to get an official race bib. The good news is that fundraisers and charity events are encouraged to help runners meet their financial targets, and around this time of year, your calendar may just be getting packed with various fundraisers.

I was reminded of this recently when one of my close buddies let me know about his upcoming event on March 9 at Battery Park – he’s running for Housing Families, which helps homeless children throughout Greater Boston. Since I know Dave isn’t alone, I got in touch with one of Boston’s best event planners, Sara Steele-Rogers of Eventbrite Boston, to offer up tips to anyone looking to get that extra boost from their Marathon fundraising efforts.

While there are many bars around town that have earned a reputation for willingness to join in (check out this awesome resource of bars that are there to help), it’s always worth getting a little creative for fundraiser season. Think of your guests, who have probably been through the loop of Boylston and Financial District Bars to kick a few bucks to a friend.

“I think it’s important that people think outside the box when it comes to Boston Marathon events,” Sara shared. “Sure, bar fundraisers are awesome, but tap into your network; have your favorite yoga teacher teach a class for you, host a house party, ask your favorite bartender and restaurant to host a wine & cheese pairing for you… you never know what you can get until you ask!”

Runners help runners, too, so with an overabundance of marathon-fundraising events happening in the city, go check out someone else’s and make friends who may come and support you. On April 15th, you’ll be striving for that finish line together, why not get involved with a larger group beforehand?

Whether you’re out there training and ready to pass your goals, or just trying to balance a social schedule of benefits, enjoy this part of marathon season, too. Patriots’ Day is already one of the best days of the year – get involved with more of the running scene in advance to enjoy it even more.