We Love *SNOW* Weekends – February 8 – 10

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You can run, and we guess you can hide.

Either way, this snow storm is coming, and our authors have come together with some of their favorite recommendations for how to get through things.

Natty: Friday night is date night with the gal. While Blizzard ’13 (or “Nemo”) buries us under two feet of snow, we’ll be eating homemade pizza, drinking red wine from Vinodivino in Washington Square, and watching Season 1 of this show called Downton Abbey. Have you ever seen/heard of it? What’s that you say? Everyone in the world has? Guess we’re a little late to the game on this one. Saturday, I’ll be trudging through the snow (if visibility permits) and heading to JP for a recording session with outstanding Boston musician Tom Bodine. While in JP, one must at least consider a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery, so there’s always the possibility that we’ll take a tour. Sunday looks like it will be a beautiful day, so a walk around the Brighton area with the camera to take some post-blizzard photos is a must. Enjoy the storm!

Casey: Oh my god I can’t wait for the snow! You might think that now all the snow is coming to Boston, I’d stick around for a weekend, huh? Wrong! I am beating Nemo at his own game and getting my butt to Killington before the blizzard. But, if I was staying, it’s pretty simple, I would go out in the storm and play. Apparently when others stay inside for big storms (Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy), I go out and run around in them. My advice for those sticking it out here has to echo my fellow Beantown writers: Get thee to a bar. Bars in blizzards provide some of the best ruckusing opportunities. I’ve helped push a stranger’s car down the street by Clarkes, made snow angels in front of McFaddens, followed by more snow angels on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and have summited the hill next to Harry’s like it was Everest – all in glorious, white, fluffy snow! If it sounds like I’m a little torn about missing the snow storm in Boston, I am. Trudging and romping through piles of snow and playing in it with our hound would be awesome. But alas, skiing calls! I can’t wait to climb the snow plow piles when we get home Sunday. Stay safe and have fun!

ALS: What I’ve learned, living in New England for the past 3 years, is that people here like to drink. They live to drink, and, I’d even argue they drink to live. It’s the best way to get through the winter and with snow on the way, my weekend is New England approved. A birthday celebration at the 40-beers-on-tap bar bistro, Lord Hobo, will kick off the weekend. The drinking will continue with a Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Coffee Porter to accompany brunch at The Abbey on Saturday. If weather permits, I’m game to try out a thick and chewy chocolate chunk cookie from Clear Flour Bread bakery in Brookline. Yes, we have a winner of the ‘America’s best chocolate chip cookies’ competition right here in our backyard #iloveboston. Saturday night I’ll put my cowboy boots on and head to West End Johnnie’s to dance with girlfriends. You would think that Sunday I’d crash and recover, but the weekend will only be heating up. I’ll head to Roggie’s for some pre Duke-BC bball drinking with Dave, scream my head off at the game and taunt some BC’ers that they are #notourrival. #GTHC.

Maloney: This storm better actually hit Boston because I’ve postponed my flight back to Boston. Stay safe, stay warm and stock up tonight at the liquor store! (Yes, Alex, Boston sure does like to drink!)

I know a lot of you can't make it to @. I hear you. Checking into shit.
marc maron

Jarret: I’m hoping to attend Marc Maron’s standup show on Friday night if it doesn’t end up cancelled or postponed. (It’s okay, one of the most memorable performances I ever attended was They Might Be Giants performing on a sidewalk in downtown Buffalo after a thunderstorm rained out their outdoor show). Alex L-S is onto something: Lord Hobo is the spot for birthday celebrations among the Area IV literati: a good friend will be counting the years with bourbon rather than cake. Members of the fantastic band Southern Lust Club will be in attendance. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll do a sidewalk show too.

Dave: I was originally going to be at Jerry York night on Friday, but that has already been can’d with the storm a coming through. My snow game plan? A field trip to El Centro, if it’s open, and then camping in with a bottle of wine and potentially. Saturday, my game plan is to jump into a Star Wars Trilogy rewatch and then venturing out into my own little Hoth in Back Bay – I want to get everyone out of the cabin fever and to Kings for Saturday Snow-aoke. The rules? You must sing a song about the heat, fire or summer (first pick below for your enjoyment). Sunday, I’ll find the closest Tauntaun and make my way out to Chestnut Hill to cheer on BC against the Dookies.

Alex: This weekend I will be a shut-in but not because of the weather.  I will be regressing back to my architecture student ways. You will find me rocking sweatpants and pulling all-nighters as I work on my submission for a design competition all weekend. Grand prize… $37,000 to travel anywhere in the world my little architecture heart desires for 8+ months.  Although, I will be College Alex this weekend by taking full advantage of food delivery services, I will try to upgrade my late night greasy pizza cravings. My fuel this weekend will most likely be some yummy Drunken Noodles and Tom Kha Gai soup from Bamboo, and Crazy Maki and Cowboy Maki from Fin’s.

Drea: We’ll head over to wait the snowgasm in Cambridge at Lord Hobo for a friend’s birthday. I’ll use the bad weather as an excuse to eat their UNBELIEVABLE mac and cheese. Saturday, we’ll hole up at home and pack up our house in anticipation of our move to the North End next week. Saturday night, weather permitting, we are heading to Worcester to catch a rodeo!! I’m so excited! Sunday, maybe we’ll finally leave the house again and perhaps explore our new neighborhood. Suggestions?