We Love Weekends – February 15 to 17

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More snow, eh?

Our authors aren’t going to stay shut in this time, though – here’s what we’ve got:

Maloney: My cousin is in town for the day, so I’m meeting him in the city and taking him around the North End, during the day. I’ll be meeting up with some friends at Limelight on Saturday night for some karaoke. Sunday, I’m heading to the suburbs to see friends in Woburn. Monday I might sneak down to NYC for the day.

Scott: I’ve got friends in town for the extended holiday so tonight we’re going to The Maccabees show at the newly opened Sinclair in Harvard where we’ll grab drinks and dinner before the show.  From there, I can see us going to Shay’s for a nightcap.  Tomorrow, I’m not sure what we’ll be doing in the earlier part of the day but will eventually head to the new Harpoon Brewery beer hall and waste the day away.  For dinner, maybe we do Legal Test Kitchen or something different in the Harbor area.  Sunday will involve sleep and recovery.

Natty: It’s somewhat of a long weekend for this guy. I fly out to Atlanta for work on Monday afternoon, so I’ll have to make the most of the 2.5 days that I’ll have off. Tonight, the gal and I are heading to Figs with a gift certificate thanks to an awesome Christmas present from my Harvard-scholar sister. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing my taxes in the morning–hooray!–and then will head over to the Editor-in-Chief’s South End apartment for a totally throwback afternoon–some beers, some guitarin’ (Third Eye Blind and Hootie, undoubtedly) and some Goldeneye on N64. Maybe we’ll watch some old episodes of VH1’s I Love the 90s just to round the whole thing off. Saturday night, I’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday and will most likely end up at the Golden Temple, Brookline’s most surprising dance-party-after-midnight venue. Sunday, the gal has friends coming in from all over New England, so we’ll have some beverages at the homestead, and then we’ll most likely do the tourist thing and head down to Ned Devine’s at Faneuil.

Dave: You heard Natty right: We’re playing GOLDENEYE. N64 style. As it should be. There is nothing better than being a grown professional with a big TV and four controllers for the battle. I’ll also be hitting up a BC hockey game over the weekend and maybe try to get some suburb-type life things done, too.