The Laser Show Joins Twitter (UPDATE: Ok, Maybe Not) (SECOND UPDATE: Maybe)

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I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a celebrity or sports star joining Twitter, but even in just the wee hours of joining, Dustin Pedroia looks like he’s already got the hang of it. Plus, he’s got the best Twitter handle for an athlete that I can think of: @15LaserShow.

I shouldn’t have to remind any Sox fan on the origin of the Laser Show nickname, but I never get tired of this video:

UPDATE (like, 17 minutes later):

Pete Abraham of the Globe breaks the bad news:

Be advised that any Dustin Pedroia Twitter accounts are fake. #RedSox
Pete Abraham

UPDATE (Noonish):

Ok, so, maybe Will Middlebrooks is behind it but then gave Pedroia back the keys to the Laser Show’s account. And it really confused Pete Abraham, as you can see in his full post over at the Globe:

Middlebrooks and Cody Ross then goaded Pedroia into a few more tweets, or so he said.

Then this exchange happened:

Confused beat writer: “You said it was fake.”

Pedroia: “Yeah, I know. But it’s me.”

Confused beat writer: “Now I look like a dope.”

Pedroia: “Now?”