South End & North End Street Sweeping Starts March 1 (In Theory)

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Take a look down the main drags of the South End.

Are you thinking to yourself, “I’m so glad the alternate side car dance is beginning in just a week around all of this snow?”

Last year, the Mayor announced expanded street sweeping restrictions in the North and South Ends, adding a month on either side to include March and November. That means 10 months out of the year, you better watch your resident sticker and what side of the street you are on during the weekdays, an extra month of “is this the third or fourth Friday”.

Now, there is a waiver in the language from last year’s release to say that the Public Works department can waive the March month off due to winter weather. Given the current state of the streets and the threat of more snow over the weekend, we’ll see what happens come March 1.