We Love Weekends – March 1–3

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Spring break! Woot.

Wait a second, we have jobs? And these jobs look down on old school good times of yesteryear? Maybe we can shrink a week in Florida into two days, and take the rest of Beantown with us.

That is, unless you’re…

Casey: I am leaving the cold rain and wind we’ve had in Boston this week for sun, sand and invasive species removal in the Florida Everglades! Under some form of my minimal supervision will be 11 Huskies – no, not the dogs, but Northeastern students participating in the university’s Alternative Spring Break program. That’s right people: I’m going on spring break! We’ll snorkel, explore Key Largo and Miami, and frying ourselves in the sun. But mostly, we’re making the beaches safe for sea turtles to come and lay their eggs, and removing Brazilian Pepper, which I’ve been told can give rashes much like poison ivy. Joy. I’m thinking my pre-trip, send-off meal should be all you can eat sushi at Yamato in Brighton, and upon our late-night return to Boston, clearly takeout Chinese is the best food after a week of volunteering outside and subsisting on pancakes and PB&Js. Or burritos. Or my own cheese pizza à la Kevin McCallister, probably from Pinos. WOO!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Boston weekend.

ALS: There’s no better way to start off the weekend than with a glass of wine and some small plates at Piattini followed by bachelorette party attire shopping! Saturday I’ll meet up with out-of-towners for shenanigans at Cask n Flagon. Sunday I’ll enjoy a soba noodle bowl with spicy peanut dressing at Bon Me’s new Kendall location and spend the afternoon coaching Girls on the Run practice at a gym on top of a parking garage with an inflatable roof.

Drea: Tomorrow is my one day off between jobs, so I’ll be running incredibly glamorous errands like getting a new parking permit and trying to sweet talk someone at Apple into fixing my shattered phone screen. Tomorrow night I’ll be chilling in Arlington at my very own goodbye party. Tears. Saturday will be full of exercise and culture, as I’ll be having book club at The Sinclair and maybe having a cheat pizza meal at Ducali for dinner. Sunday is looking wide open, so I’ll have to steal another WLBTer’s plans.

Jarret: I will be celebrating a friend’s birthday at Midway Cafe, the second best dive in Jamaica Plain. Note, first prize goes to Drinking Fountain, but the latter doesn’t have live music. Hold on, Bostonians: you haven’t been to either establishment because JP is too far, or the prospect of reading the word “Green” on an orange sign blows your mind? Ya best love ‘yer weekends and make a field trip. It’s time to take a break from Silhouette Lounge and O’Brien’s.

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