Hubway Spotted. Get Excited.

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Despite the snow flurries weird white rain falling outside, I spy a hint of spring on Boston’s streets.

Hubway, the immensely popular bike sharing service that serves Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville, has commenced the rollout of its modular stations on city streets, despite the cold weather. Hubway’s website remarks an official 2013 launch is “soon”, but also that we may see riders navigating city streets as soon as late March. The service closed for the season at the end of November 2012.

Now entering it’s second full season (2011 was a trial run), Hubway’s green and chrome stations are as welcome a sight of spring as tulips sprouting on the Public Garden.

Besides today, that is. Hubway’s twitter account states no additional stations will be installed today due to the weather, but we’re sure to spot more over the next couple weeks.

NO STATIONS GOING OUT TODAY. This falls into the "weather depending" part of our launch date. @ @ @