We Love Weekends – March 8-10

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Some of our authors flow with the seasons better than others. Some celebrate bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and hold carpe diem-fests; others just want to play video games. You be the judge. Love your weekend, in whatever form.

Drea: Biggest weekend ever. You should know something about me; whenever I have an important life event, it corresponds to a natural disaster. Cue this snow storm. Tonight, I’ll be celebrating my remaining weeks as a bachelorette with my best friends and family. It will start by an wine tasting through WLBT favorite Urban Grape, followed by a Seaport District dinner and dancing. Saturday will be recovery (read: no running for me) before a big family dinner in Harvard. Sunday is my wedding shower graciously hosted by my future mother-in-law in Natick and then a quiet family dinner in the North End at Vinoteca di Monica before heading to SXSW on Monday. I’m tired already and my body hates me.

ALS: I’ll be joining in to celebrate Drea’s biggest weekend ever and am looking forward to honoring the bride to be with a fun wine tasting, festive dinner and so much dancing that my feet hurt tomorrow! Saturday I’ll lunch at Scampo and try out high tea at the Four Seasons to commemorate a friend’s birthday. Saturday night I’ll watch Duke beat UNC on the road at The Corner Tavern . I’ll dress up in my finest for Drea’s shower on Sunday and then collapse from a weekend of too much fun!

Jarret: I’m done with this snow; this winter; this piling and shoveling and slavish devotion to The Weather Channel. Done. My weekend will consist neither of events nor going-outings, but rather inside games and general laziness. I provide the following guide to you, dear reader, and suggest you do the same.

First comes the dice game LCR. All the fun of craps, yet none of the “what just happened?” confusion. Go buy it on Amazon and get it shipped overnight. Second, I will work through a dozen episodes of Jeopardy! that currently clog my DVR. They’re only 20 minutes when you fast forward through the HeadOn commercials, but why would you want to. Third comes baking brownies, just because. Finally, I will not be playing the new SimCity release for three reasons: I use a Mac, I dislike the always-online requirement, and the servers are overloaded anyway. Instead I will toggle between Cities in Motion and Civilization V and lord over my domain in privacy and peace, behind ice covered windows.

Alex: I really thought that groundhog predicted spring was coming soon… Friday night I’m babysitting my cousin’s adorable daughter. Can’t wait to hang out with Evie! Saturday, I’m heading down to the Cape to help my uncle prepare for the renovation of his new house.  At the end of March the fam will be coming up from Jersey to help spackle and paint. Sunday I will be hanging out in Boston with Dan.  Probably grabbing dinner at Jimmy’s in Washington Square.  The “Crispy Calamari” has been calling me since we tried it a couple months ago.

Dan: Though I will be hunkered down in my Brighton apartment, my thoughts will be far from Boston; I’ll be devoting my entire mental capacity and all of my time this weekend to writing a midterm paper on the urban development of Buenos Aires. Distractions from this task may include devouring one of El Pelon‘s perfectly-crafted burritos, complaining through various social media about losing an hour of sleep, and succumbing to Alex’s Sunday plans.

Natty: Tonight, the gal and I will be celebrating our four year anniversary (YIKES!) by heading to Coolidge Corner for dinner at Budda C, our favorite spot for great drinks and the best Udon noodles around. We’ll follow up dinner with some dancing at the Golden Temple in Washington Square. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be running errands early so that I can make it to the final BC basketball home game against Georgia Tech–GO EAGLES!–at noon in Chestnut Hill. Tickets are only $10 if you’re looking for something to do. After the game, we’ll be attending a friend’s birthday party in Audubon Circle for some celebrating and some Armand’s Famous Infused Vodka–dangerously good stuff. Sunday is supposed to be spring-esque, and after all this winter weather, I think a day outdoors is in order. A leisurely stroll down to Brookline Village for a drink at the Smokehouse will most likely occur after a run and some quality time at Beaconsfield Park. Enjoy the weekend!