All the Ways We Love Boston

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How do I love thee, Boston?

Let our Authors of past and present count the ways…

Alex L. loves Boston because of, “Beer, Blood, and Bears.”

Dave loves Boston because, “you can find a little bit of Boston everywhere you go. And it’s what I love the most about this place we call Beantown.”

Matt loves Boston because he, “decided I’d give the Car Talk guys a chance for a minute.”

Alex D. loves Boston because, “I love the surprising experiences of places that you would never expect to exist in a dense Metropolitan city.”

Jarret loves Boston because of the song, “Home Girl (You’re Wicked Awesome)”.

Zach loves Boston because, “Boston is community. Boston is family.”

Lauren loves Boston because, “Boston [is] everything my hometown [is] not.”

Matt N. loves Boston because, “I love Mike’s cannolis. And yes, it’s better than Modern.”

Gretchen loves Boston because, “Boston has soul. Yes, this does sound incredibly cliche, but there’s never a time I am walking somewhere that I don’t notice the city’s character–in the architecture, the landscape, the people, the excitement.”

Katie loves Boston because, “I chose Boston. I’m not from here. I chose to be here. Two and a half years ago, I packed up my car and drove through a snowstorm to be here. To live here. To say I’m from Boston.

Drea loves Boston because, “it helped me find myself and forced me to say ‘yes’ to some great experiences I may have missed by choosing a safer path. Boston lets many of us come into our own, as we were meant to, because we can take any path to truly finding our passions.”

Casey loves Boston because, “it’s the city I started running in.”

Dan R. loves Boston because, “Boston, Massachusetts, is home to me.”

How do you love Boston?