The Curious Plantiff In Boston’s Uber War

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Do check out Matthew Brown’s BBJ piece on the recent battle in the Uber-Cab war.

Read it? Good. Now focus on this line, emphasis mine:

Brett Barenholtz, CEO of Boston Cab, said this morning that Uber “is running roughshod through the city of Boston,” taking business away from taxis. Barenholtz, who is also CEO of livery company Boston Car Service, said some fleet owners can’t fill shifts because drivers have defected to the Uber model.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: the businesses who are against Uber are against new technology business models that change how they’ve done things. This is not just a fight against Uber and black car service on demand – it also includes other apps that hail on-demand service. When it comes to keeping drivers with Boston Car as opposed to Uber, Barenholtz is facing a different issue of technology and competition.

There are many reasons (including, ahem, cash-only crap demands), but the ultimate is just inertia of a body at rest.