Apparently a Boston Radio Station Has a Death Row Inmate Gimmick

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So there’s a radio station in Boston that not only has a game to guess the last meal of death row prisoners, they have a jingle for it. #wtf
Amanda N.

Things I find out this morning via Twitter…and had absolutely no idea existed.

I’m not just talking about radio overall, I’m talking about the fact that Karlson and McKenzie over at 100.7 actually play a game every month or so called the “Last Meal Game.” That’s right, a caller dials in for a chance to win some sort of schwag by guessing the last meal or last words from an inmate before their execution.

Add on to this morbid game the reality that these aren’t things happening in the state – the DJs are actually combing other sources of news around the country to find the potential story. In the last decade, the Massachusetts legislature has twice defeated bills to install the death penalty in the state. It was even added to the Commonwealth’s constitution in 1982, and even though a court case stripped it out in 1984, no law has hit the books since. We don’t do the death penalty here, and these folks are going out in search of it.

Also, don’t get me started on the fact that one of the episodes includes the morning shock jocks bemoaning how one of the inmates invoked a privacy law in Virginia that wouldn’t allow them to know what the last meal actually was. Yes, they felt slighted that they were denied knowing such important information.

This is what happens with deregulation, folks.