We Love (St. Patrick’s Day) Weekends

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It’s Boston and St. Patrick’s Day – you better believe we’re excited. Here’s where you can find our authors this weekend.

JarretIt’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and I am headed to the paragon of Irish culture, Los Angeles. I’ll miss the madness of Sissy K’sat 8:00 a.m. (been there), the house parties and parade watching on Telegraph Hill, South Boston (done that), and the schadenfreude watching bad decisions being made in front of me. Instead, I’ll cheer on the runners in the LA Marathon. I’ll see friends rock the keys atHowl at the Moon, Universal City. I’ll eat yuppie pizza with locally sourced rutabagas at Mohawk Bend. It’s in Echo Park, but really it’s Portlandia.

Dan: After shutting myself in last weekend, I am ready to embrace my (arguably slight) Irish heritage with the rest of Boston. Sunday I will be at the parade in Southie – my friend lives on the route and her family has a fun rule: no one leaves until all the beer is gone. Saturday, who knows? Maybe Dupnik and I will continue our tradition of dinner at the oh-so-Irish Smoken Joe’s Barbecue in Brighton Center followed by festivities at the BBG (that’s the Brighton Beer Garden for all of you who haven’t had the distinct pleasure).

Alex: I never made it to the Cape last weekend, so Saturday morning I will be heading down to Chatham to aid in my Uncle’s house renovations. Saturday night I will be back to celebrate the one day that redheads are socially accepted. As Dan mentioned, we have been known to celebrate in a very non-traditional way, with pulled pork and mojitos (they are green) instead of corned beef and Guinness. Sunday I will be attending the 7th annual friend-fest Irish potluck dinner.  It is the one time of the year that we can coordinate 20 people’s schedules. I’m still in search of a Kiss-Me-I’m-Not-Irish-But-Look-Like-I-Am-Irish T-Shirt.

Natty: It’s here. It’s finally the weekend in Boston where I will actually pay for a cab all the way to Southie…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Tonight, the college roommates drive and fly in from all over the East Coast for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I’ll meet up with them at Roggie’s after work for some BC hockey and Budzillas. Tomorrow, I’m heading to “A St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn” at Harvard’s Sanders Theater with the father and the sister to celebrate our heritage with some traditional Irish music. Tune in Tuesday for the write up! What is the perfect way to follow up traditional Irish music, you ask? Traditional Irish drinking! I’ll re-join the roommates after the show, and we’ll celebrate straight through the parade in Southie on Sunday. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I will record music with Boston maestro Tom Bodine at his Jamaica Plain studio. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!

Dave: Well, 41 points for Olivier Hanlan means maybe, just maybe, BC stands a chance in the ACC tourney Friday afternoon against the one-seed. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll pull a shocker and find themselves playing on Saturday. If so, I’ll be watching hoops and getting out and about in my favorite green shirt on Lansdowne – thinking bowling at Jillian’s before settling in at whatever bar has the shortest line. Sunday is my sister’s birthday, so out to a family favorite in Wayland – the Coach Grill – for brunch. Oh, and I’m doing laundry at some point, but that’s boring.