Sixteen of Boston’s Most Infamous Dive Bars – Help Us Pick the Best

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St. Patrick’s Day can be a tiring one here in the hub as our favorite bars are overrun with people who claim Irish heritage is signified by shamrock boppers. While someone will be resetting their Guinness countdown clocks and watching the numbers click down again from 365, it is is officially time for us at least to move on to more important matters.

For us, we have narrowed in on Boston’s dive bar scene (or lack there of). What makes a dive bar? Why aren’t there that many across Boston that truly fit the description?

And, finally, which one deserves the title of the Diviest in all the Hub?

As it is March, there is but one way to determine that last question: a bracket of March Sadness to find our favorite places for a dingy haunt, stocked with cheap beer, snack food and maybe even a little bit of comfort.

Introducing, the Shite Sixteen – and your 2013 contenders for the Best Dive Bar in Boston:

shite sixteen

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be hosting the tournament here at We Love Beantown – we’ll do the first round this week, then the rounds of 8, 4 and championship all next week. Our authors have picked their favorites, too, and we’ll be making their case throughout the bracket. And, yes, that is an ironic choice of leading this post with an image of Bukowski’s is intentional, because you won’t find that on this list – atmosphere, sure, but that is no dive bar, my friends.

We’ve got the first matchups lined up today, and we hope you join us to vote, levy your concerns, argue about snubs and, of course, tell us your favorite stories along the way.

Memorize the first round schedules, and we’ll see you all week. While you’re here, we hope you also look around and find out just what makes us tick for Boston.


(1) The Tam v. (8) Daisy Buchanan’s (Voting is Closed!)
(4) Beacon Hill Pub v. (5) Coogan’s (Voting is Closed!)


(3) Murphy’s Law v (6) Drinking Fountain (Voting is Closed!)
(2) Punter’s v. (7) Cornwall’s (Voting is Closed!)


(1) Mary Ann’s v. (8) Connor Larkin’s (Voting is Closed!)
(4) Last Drop v. (5) T’s Pub (Voting is Closed!)


(3) Hong Kong v. (6) Sissy Ks (Voting is Closed!)
(2) Silhoutte v. (7) Sligo Pub (Voting is Closed!)