The Tam v Daisy Buchanan’s [Shite Sixteen Round 1]

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The Shite Sixteen kicks off with our first round the week of March 18. The polls close at 11:00 p.m. the evening that the match-up is posted, and we encourage you to throw your votes around and lobby as hard as you want in the comments. Seriously. Be shameless.

Today’s Round 1 Match-Up: (1) The Tam v (8) Daisy Buchanan’s


The Tam (as defended by Dave): No dive bar competition in Boston would be complete without honoring downtown’s best contender: Tremont St’s The Tam. Perhaps the best reminded at this cash only joint that you are far from anywhere other than a dive is the odd tables attached to the wall, which double as coat racks (even though you probably don’t want to put your coat down). Know what you want to order – probably absurdly reasonably priced beer or a heavily poured mixed drink – or you’ll lose your chance if the crowd is heavy on a weekend. Seriously, The Tam is one of our two one seeds because it’s totally the type of place where you’ll use your change for a $5 bill to play Journey on the jukebox and get a bag of Hot Fries – and that’s totally ok.

Daisy Buchanan’s (as defended by Dave): I have a ton of love for Daisy B’s, and not just because of it’s homage to Gatsby. It is the fact that it holds on to one of the best real estate spots in all of Boston and still strives to fulfill its duties of being a dive bar. It’s dark, it is a great place to kick back cheap beers and it’s odd layout means you can find plenty of random corners to gather your party. I think a day on Newbury should often be rewarded with a trip to Daisy’s and a Budweiser. Like many of the pubs in this tourney, Daisy has a great pull on nostalgia – it may have even been the first place in downtown you had a drink, if you’re lucky.

Shite Sixteen Round 1

  • (1) The Tam (80%, 41 Votes)
  • (8) Daisy Buchanan's (25%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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