Mary Ann’s v Conor Larkins [Shite Sixteen]

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The Shite Sixteen kicks off with our first round the week of March 18. The polls close at 11:00 p.m. the evening that the match-up is posted, and we encourage you to throw your votes around and lobby as hard as you want in the comments. Seriously. Be shameless.

Today’s Round 1 Match-Up: (1) Mary Ann’s (8) Conor Larkins

Mary Ann’s (as defended by Natty): M.A.’s. Scary Ann’s. Whatever you call it, this bar is undoubtedly the diviest in all of the hub. Don’t even bother trying to pay with a credit card in this establishment, folks. Cash only, read this post find credit card benefits. Thank goodness for that sketchy ATM over by the girls’ bathroom. Speaking of the bathrooms, enter at your own risk! No stalls in the men’s room. Urinal, urinal, toilet. Yes, just one exposed toilet right in the middle of the room. Oh, and have I mentioned the fact that there isn’t a window in the entire place? Whether it’s noon or midnight, the gorgeous 1970s décor shines all the same. On top of it all, there are rumors of a secret hook-up spot in the basement and ceiling tiles that are stained yellow despite the fact of the smoking ban in Boston bars since 2004.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent the majority of my work/study money at this place in college. It’s magnificent. Feeling like some friendly competition? “Hot Shot Basketball” and “Big Buck Hunter” have you covered. Looking for a cheap beer? How about an oversized Brubaker for under 2 bucks–stick to bottles, trust meI promise you’ll thank me later. This is one of the only joints I’ve encountered where the loyal cliental embrace its flaws with a fiery passion. I personally own a t-shirt advertising Mary Ann’s crowning as one of Boston’s “worst” bars. It’s the home of the BC faithful and the bravest Cleveland Circle townies, and the line on weekend nights will tell you just how many people love this dive. Mary Ann’s is the sure winner in this contest.

Conor Larkins (as defended by Dibble). Conor Larkins is everything a dive bar should be. For starters, it’s basement level, which I think should be a requirement for any bar to qualify as a true dive bar. Conors’ manages to be both grimey and cozy at the same time and the tables are always a little sticky from spilled beer. Conors may not serve whiskey and certain other liquors — which I still don’t quite understand (they say it has something to do with their liquor license, but still strange) — but I think this only adds to their dive bar status. Their pitchers are relatively cheap though and they always have a shooter of the week.

For those interested in entertainment with their libations, Conors has an N64 at the bar (Mario Kart, anyone?) and Buck Hunter in the corner. There’s also the requisite pool table — which becomes a table top for pitchers more often then not — and a jukebox. In terms of bar food, Conors is pretty hard to beat. Their appetizers are fantastic – my personal favorite is cheese fries, but their buffalo chicken is also excellent. On a personal level, Conors was like a second home my senior year of college. It was where I had my first legal drink the U.S. (and perhaps a few illegal ones too). I watched Obama’s historic election from the bar at Conors and nursed girlfriends through breakups over pitchers of Bud Light and plates of cheese fries. I learned how to play quarters and asshole at Conors and broke numerous glasses playing the former. We went to Conoros every Tuesday night to play trivia (their own unique variety — no Stump nonsense) and planned our Wednesday class schedules accordingly so we could stay until the end (last call).

After college, Conors became the sponsoring bar for my kickball league and continues to be my watering hole as a Northeastern b-school student. It’s also a staff favorite for post-work drinks on Friday and I still can’t resist those cheese fries. That’s the best part about Conors. It holds so many college memories, but I can still go there and enjoy it just as much now as I did then.

Shite Sixteen Round 1

  • Mary Ann's (52%, 412 Votes)
  • Conor Larkins (50%, 393 Votes)

Total Voters: 788

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