Hong Kong v Sissy K’s [Shite Sixteen]

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The Shite Sixteen kicks off with our first round the week of March 18. The polls close at 11:00 p.m. the evening that the match-up is posted, and we encourage you to throw your votes around and lobby as hard as you want in the comments. Seriously. Be shameless.

Today’s Round 1 Match-Up: (3) Hong Kong (6) Sissy K’s

Hong Kong (as defended by Casey): Karaoke. “Chicken” kabobs. Scorpion bowls upon scorpion bowls. What’s not to love about Hong Kong? It’s the place to go to end your night (fast) or take it to that whole other level of shenanigans. A lovable oddity in the heart of Faneuil Hall, Hong Kong is great for people watching – varying ages of Boston’s many collegians, stags and hens, (misled) tourists, or those looking to shake-up their regular bar routines. Don’t be fooled by past personal experiences and/or observations of people only finding love “if just for the night,” Hong Kong boasts several hookups turned proposals on its website where more than one person met their Mr. or Mrs. on its dance floor or after a particularly slurred song or two! “Chicken teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, chicken teriyaki – one dollar!”

Sissy K’s: Sissy K’s is the perfect spot for any celebration that comes up in life. Birthdays, pub-crawls, girls-nights, guys-nights, baby showers, bachelorettes, and anniversaries can all be legitimately celebrated here. Mike* barely recalls Sissy K’s ability to guarantee you to purchase cheap liquor out of “neon-glowing-test-tubes from a girl in barely there attire”. Mike*, usually a laid-back party goer, has found himself with multiple $1.50 draughts in hand, after several glow-shots, obtaining the refined dancing techniques of Channing Tatum in Step Up in the middle of a battle-dance-off-circle at Sissy K’s. As with any dive bar, don’t worry about losing traction while getting low on the dance floor due to the super sticky floor securing the high heels to your feet. (*Names changed to protect the innocent.)

Shite Sixteen Round 1

  • Hong Kong (66%, 25 Votes)
  • Sissy Ks (34%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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