MAs Survives Late Surge, Last Drop Keeps Running on Day 3 [Shite Sixteen Recap]

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Day three was a wild one in the Shite Sixteen, and there was perhaps nothing more wild than the final moments of the Mary Ann’s-Conor Larkins battle. The top seed faced an absurd push in the last hour, as The Lark pulled in 150 votes from 10 to 11 pm. It wasn’t enough after the lead MAs built during the day, and nearly 800 votes later, MAs survived. It’s not quite done yet, as it now faces off with Brighton neighbor the Last Drop, which had an easy win over T’s Pub as attention was elsewhere.

The last day of round one includes a showdown between two of Fanueil Hall’s best, Hong Kong and Sissy K’s, and concludes with a hipster battle between Allston’s Silhouette and Sligo Pub of Davis Square.

For your records as the final first round matchups continue, your updated, mighty-chalky bracket is below. We’re taking Friday off, but we’ll be back on Monday and Tuesday with our quarterfinal matches, with the Final Four taking us into the weekend.

shite sixteen day 3